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One of the seminal artists of our time, Laurie Anderson's genre-crossing work encompasses performance, film, music, installation, writing, photography, and sculpture.

"Laurie Anderson is a singer-songwriter of crushing poignancy-- a minimalist painter of melancholy moods who addresses universal themes in the vernacular of the commonplace."
- Rolling Stone

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A collection of songs and stories about contemporary culture, The Language of the Future is the latest chapter in Laurie Anderson's ongoing exploration of the American narrative and how we tell it. Anderson's work crosses borders between dreams, reality and the elusive world of information. Known for her multimedia presentations and innovative use of technology, Anderson spins offbeat adventure stories with her characteristic wit and poignancy. This work can be presented in a variety of configurations — as a solo evening or with a larger music ensemble.

This collection of songs and stories includes pieces from Andersonís acclaimed solo shows The Speed of Darkness, Happiness, The End of the Moon and Homeland.  

In an intimate evening of voice, electronics and violin, Anderson spins offbeat adventure stories with her characteristic wit and poignancy. The evening also features her solo violin pieces which have become increasingly complex and symphonic.

"This is a great chance for me to put together a couple of decades of my favorite stories and songs. Itís wild to see them next to each other. They tell a whole different story."

LANDFALL: By Laurie Anderson for the Kronos Quartet
Two legendary forces in new music come together on stage for their first-ever collaboration slated to premiere in February 2013. "Landfall" is a collection of works composed on hyper violin and adapted to the string quartet. Like a series of short stories, the pieces are linked by passages inspired by weather- roaring, all enveloping and atmospheric.

Extending the range of the violin has always been Anderson's goal as a musician and composer. For "Landfall" she has designed software that brings the harmonics and overtones up off the noise floor creating an instrument that breathes in a completely new way. The Kronos Quartet has adapted and built on this musical language so that electronics and traditional strings sing together.


The collective memory of Laurie Anderson's epic UNITED STATES PARTS 1-4 (1979-1983) still resonates deeply. Conceived as a multi-media opera, the piece looked at various aspects of American culture and was presented in a variety of forms (both solo and with ensemble) throughout the US and Europe. After several years of development and touring, UNITED STATES PARTS 1 - 4 was staged as four evening-length parts entitled Transportation, Politics, Money and Love. The complete work with musical ensemble was presented at BAM in 1983, as well as London and Zurich. Including legendary songs, "O Superman" and "Let X=X", the music was eventually recorded as a four-CD set "United States Live" and released on Warner Brothers Records. The piece was also documented as a book "United States" by Harper Collins.

Anderson's UNITED STATES PARTS 1-4 is one of the most seminal works of its time, but was seen in its entirety by painfully few. Never one to focus on the past, however, Laurie Anderson is inspired to look at the present and future rather than to remount this historic work.

UNITED STATES FIVE will be rooted in the present, but as currently conceived, Anderson will interweave flashbacks to earlier sections of Parts 1 - 4 to provide points of reference for the audience. The work will focus on the major changes in American culture since the beginning of the century - surveillance, social media, militarization, and the monumental effects of digitization. There is no better time then now for Laurie Anderson to reflect and re-envision this moment in America.

United States Five will be performed over two evenings and is projected to tour in Summer 2015.


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