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Healing the Divide

A Concert for Peace and Reconciliation

New York, NY

A benefit concert co-presented by Philip Glass and Richard Gere on the occasion of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's visit to New York City. Following an address by His Holiness, performances included Kronos Quartet, Philip Glass, Foday Musa Suso, R. Carlos Nakai, Nawang Kechog, The Gyoto Tantric Choir, Anoushka Shankar, and Tom Waits. Held at Avery Fischer Hall at Lincoln Center on September 21, 2003. www.healingthedivide.org

Produced by Pomegranate Arts, curated in association with Philip Glass.

Created by Bob Berger, Patrick Daniels, and Irving Gregory

Pomegranate Arts launched the first international tour of Drama Desk Award winning Charlie Victor Romeo. Recipient of two 2000 Drama Desk awards, including Best Unique Theatrical Experience, this live theatrical documentary is derived from the "black box" transcripts of six major real-life airline emergencies. Embraced by the US military, aviation and medical communities; this production has been heralded for its unsparing truthfulness and dedication to its non-sensational approach. Allowing the audience into the tension-filled cockpits of actual flights in distress, Charlie Victor Romeo is a portrait of the psychology of crisis and a testimony to the ability to live to the last second of life. More information on CVR can be found on the website: http://www.charlievictorromeo.com

Tour: December 2000- January 2003.

With Philip Glass and the Kronos Quartet

Pomegranate Arts produced the world-wide tour of Dracula: The Music and Film featuring new music by Philip Glass set to Universal Studio's 1931 film classic directed by Tod Browning and starring Bela Lugosi, performed live by the Kronos Quartet. Dracula: The Music and Film is currently being performed by Philip Glass and the Philip Glass Ensemble.

Tour: USA and Europe September - November, 2000, Hong Kong March 2001


Commissioned by the Cultural Olympiad 2001-2004. Guest collaborators include Australian didgeridoo master, Mark Atkins; West African Griot Foday Musa Suso; Indian composer and sitar master Ravi Shankar, Nova Scotian fiddler Ashley MacIssac; Brazil's UAKTI; pipa virtuoso Wu Man of China; and contemporary Greek vocalist, Eleftheria Arvanitaki. More info: Orion



Long before The Simpsons and South Park, Tim Burton and Edward Gorey, there was Heinrich Hoffman, a doctor in a German lunatic asylum who, in 1844, wrote a children's book of original tales warning of absurd punishments for naughty acts. The book, entitled, The Struwwelpeter, is a classic collection of delightful horrors for all ages.

An instant classic in its own right, the stage production of SHOCKHEADED PETER has winning rave reviews around the world as one of the most original collaborations of its kind.

SHOCKHEADED PETER is the collective nightmare of the visionary direction and design team of Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch (co-founders of London's Improbable Theatre) and the underworld's favorite cabaret act, The Tiger Lillies, led by the bizarre and beautiful falsetto of Martyn Jacques. Set in a distorted Victorian toy theater, SHOCKHEADED PETER evokes a lost world of theatrical illusion-a music box spinning out of control; an advent calendar with a different lunatic waiting behind every door.



Pomegranate Arts launched the first North American tour of Brazilian vocalist Virginia Rodrigues. Virginia Rodrigues is from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, where African culture blends with portuguese influences. In the fall of 1999 Ms. Rodrigues toured the west coast of the United States, including a date at the San Francisco Jazz Festival. Following the release of her second album, Nos, released in February 2000, Ms. Rodrigues performed in many North American cities in the spring of 2000, including Toronto and Montreal.

Tour: October-November 1999 and March-April 2000

Photo by Josh Kessler. Courtesy of Hannibal/Rykodisc


A collaboration between Philip Glass and West African griot and master kora player Foday Musa Suso, The Screens was an enchanting and exotic synthesis of African and Western musical traditions with an Arabic twist. The Screens was performed in jazz and world music series, intimate concert halls and outdoor festivals.

Tour: New York, September 1999; North America, March-May 2000; USA and Europe, April-July 2001; Europe, July 2004


The underworld's favorite cabaret act, The Tiger Lillies are led by the bizarre and beautiful falsetto of Martyn Jacques, whose voice has been described as Tom Waits on helium. The music is a startling mixture of Kurt Weil, Bertholt Brecht, gypsy laments and French chanson. The Tiger Lillies' tales of the dark side luridly detail the surreal misfortunes of grifters, pimps, hookers, junkies, and losers in decidedly bent-and peculiarly delightful-songs laced with black humor. The music of Martyn Jacques and The Tiger Lillies is featured in Shockheaded Peter, a music theater work based on the Struwwelpeter Tales by Heinrich Hoffman, directed by Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch. More information on the Tiger Lillies, can be found on their website: http://www.tigerlillies.com

Tour: Spring 2001


Laurie Anderson End Of The MoonTHE END OF THE MOON

The second in a series of intimate solo performance works, Laurie Anderson's highly acclaimed new touring piece, The End of the Moon, combines stories and new music for violin and electronics in an intentionally low-tech setting to create an ambitiously large picture of contemporary American culture. More info: The End of the Moon



Sankai Juku KagemiKAGEMI
Beyond the Metaphors of Mirrors

The Kage of Kagemi is shadow
The light of contrast, the image in the mirror of water's surface
The mi is seeing and being seen

Some say Kagemi is the ancient origin of "mirror" (kagemi)
In light, the surface that reflects and is reflected, looked into and looking back
Surface beginning in the horizontal water plane and transforming to
the perpendicular face

From an ambiguous and transient state to one clearly outlined
The right hand asks, the left hand answers
Once an imaginary surface is defined

-Ushio Amagatsu

More info: Kagemi


Leonard CohenHAL WILLNER'S
"Came So Far For Beauty"
An Evening Of Leonard Cohen Songs

No one puts on a better tribute concert than Hal Willner,...a sympathetic and generous listener with an almost preternatural ability to match performer to song, and a Rolodex to back it up...

"I can't exactly remember how Leonard Cohen's music crept into my psyche over the last few decades; I was aware of him while growing up, but it was like a food that you spit out as a kid; you'd taste it again every few years, and eventually it became your favorite thing to eat. His music has a depth of emotion, passion, and humor that is entirely his own. It is a singular world much like the recordings of Ornette Coleman. It ain't background music! To those who "get it," it's kind of a religion. Since I "got it," a week doesn't go by without me putting on one of his recordings and stopping whatever it is that I'm doing to be in that world. I can't imagine a more perfect body of work to draw from for the type of concept projects that I've been fortunate enough to put together over the last twenty-two years.

For those who have not encountered one of these projects on record or live (which would be most of you), in the past they have explored the work of composers and writers including Nino Rota, Thelonious Monk, Edgar Allen Poe, Kurt Weill, Tim Buckley, Charles Mingus, and Harold Arlen. Leonard Cohen is the very first composer in the "series" who is still with us and active in his work. It is really hard to narrow down the concert's song selection from the one hundred and one original compositions that Leonard has recorded (I think that's the right number). But I hope the program will have a good balance of songs from all of Leonard's records and the right mix of his well-known songs and obscure ones."

  • Hal Willner, May 2004

Produced by Pomegranate Arts and THE OFFICE performing arts + film

"Came So Far For Beauty" was originally commissioned in 2003 by the Celebrate Brooklyn Performing Arts Festival with support from the Canadian Consulate General New York.

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